About us

We are a multi-cuisine communal dining restaurant that combines the buzz and energy of a food truck park with an immersive outdoor park experience.

Immersive outdoor experience

We have brought the outdoors indoor, so you and your family or friends can enjoy experiential outdoor dining at the comforts of being indoors.


Did you know our lighting changes by time and season? Yes indeed – check it out yourself at different timings and seasons!


Find your comfort zone with 3 unique zones.

Beer Garden – Great for loosening up after a long day of work.
Picnic stage – The best view to catch live performances. Great for music lovers.
Flower Garden – Looking to impress your date? Or to have a comfortable family meal? This is your perfect spot.

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Got cravings for Mexican or Chinese food? We’ve got more than that. Be spoilt for choice with our variety of options.

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